04 February 2012

Almost done with Week 5

I had an amazing run this morning. For the first time I had the runner's high while I was running.

My goal was 12 miles @ 10:00 pace. I started out before sunrise; first time running with a headlamp. I ran the Boston course for about 4 miles before the sun came up, then I missed my turn and ran around a while before asking for directions.

At the 6 or 7 mile point, I ended up running alongside an older guy for about 10 minutes. We talked a bit and then parted ways when I headed back towards home. He was 62 and proud of being out on a 4-mile run. I hope I'm still out running at 62.

I had so much anxiety about this run. For the past two weeks I have been thinking "I have my longest run ever this weekend!" I finally realized the other day that almost every long run for the next 13 weeks will be the longest run I've ever done.

I listened to UltraRunner Podcast during my run today, and it's amazing how easy it feels to run 12 miles when you are listening to people talk about running 100-milers. This is my new training strategy.

After the run, I drank my Vega Recovery Accelerator and then some Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer (which has just been renamed to Vega One Shake). Sean brought me some of the new Vega Endurance Gels from work last night, so I tried one of those on the run. My stomach was so screwy this morning that I only had about half the gel, but it was tasty. It's made with dates and I don't think it's too processed, because it was a little gritty, but not in a bad way. It tasted far better than those other gels. I like the idea of all this vegan science food for my training, but I prefer it to taste like something that might be found in nature. I'm really lucky because Sean works at Whole Foods so we get a discount on all this stuff. I also take Udo's Oil after my long runs and pace runs. I'm not sure I feel any different after taking it, but I like the idea of getting good oils in my diet.

I have the best luck with my stomach if I eat a piece of dry toast before a run (maybe two slices for a longer or harder run). I've experimented with dried fruit, banana-based smoothies, the Vega Optimizer, and a handful of other things, but I think dry toast is the best. Sometimes I will drink the Pre-Workout Energizer, but not really for the "energizing". That stuff makes me shit within five minutes. As someone who has struggled with stomach issues forever, I love it. But I don't use it every day.

Maple's ice skating class was after the run, then we went to the local running store to try on shoes and buy compression socks. I read Stephanie's glowing endorsement of CEP brand, and when I saw the hot pink socks, I had to have them. Here I am modeling them (with some help from Phoenix).

Maple asked for Indian food for lunch, so we went to Singh's and had an appetizer feast: samosa, pakora, aloo tikka, aloo paratha. There were a lot of potatoes involved. My stomach still wasn't up for much so I ate one of everything and brought the rest home for Sean.

This should be the topic of a post all its own, but I have been lucky to get back to my "MS denial" lately. I feel like a runner and not a patient. This is nice but I never forget how lucky I am to feel almost normal.

Maple just started blasting Kanye and I think this means she wants some attention. Week 5 officially ends tomorrow. I'm planning to add a few easy miles to the 25 I've done already.

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