14 July 2012

Life of low mileage

I swear I'm cursed to live a life of low mileage. I'm chronically injured! Last fall, while training for my first half (which I couldn't run), I got tendonitis in my ankle. During marathon training this year, IT band syndrome. And about 10 days ago I pulled my quad, which didn't seem like a big deal at the time but I ended up taking 2 days off this week to let it rest. So that's the bad news.

The good news is that I did take 2 days off this week and I ran today and felt good! My IT band and quad were both pretty quiet. I didn't quite hit my paces during all four 600m repeats, but I hit two of them, and I've had a rough week so I guess I am not surprised.

So remember last weekend when I was all excited to force myself to spectate that marathon? Yeah. I didn't. Sean encouraged me to run the half, and they just happened to have numbers left when we went to pick up Sean's number. So I ran my second half marathon. It was massively hilly and I didn't really try to race it. Mostly I wanted to see if my IT band would hold up, and it did. It was slower than my PR by about 12 minutes, but I had a lot of fun. I even got to run with Sean for about 5 miles. Forever memories there. And here is a picture in which I look like I'm Sean's special needs sister:

Sean ran his marathon in 4:31, which was faster than he thought. I was so proud! He was plagued by some IT band and/or knee issues, but I think he did really well in his first ever marathon. (He ran an ultra last year but had never done a marathon.) How cute is he? I think the fact that he ran a marathon in Ray Bans is the coolest thing ever. 

Maybe it had something to do with the spontaneous half marathon, but I was really dragging this week. I went to the neurologist on Tuesday and he told me that my brain (in the MRI pictures) looks exactly like it did last year and he doesn't recommend medication. Wow. That was a surprise. I thought for sure things had declined, since I've been feeling more tired than in previous years. He said the combination of running marathons and just having MS is probably fatiguing me a bit, but that I'm doing very well. 

I was so excited about the brain news that I didn't think I'd ever feel bad again, but the next day I tanked. I just didn't have any energy, and things stayed that way for a few days. I left work a little early for those days and didn't do much at home. This coincided with the quad thing, so I just rested everything. Then this morning I went to the track and did speed work! I think I'm on the mend.

I ran in my PureCadence shoes today and I love them so much. If I didn't look at my feet, I'd swear I was running in big puffy bunny slippers. So cozy. I'm going to try running in them more because the Ravennas are hurting my super long second toe.

I'll leave you with this picture - it's my new favorite picture of me because I think I look like a "real" runner (whatever that means):

How's your summer running going?

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  1. Love that you just popped in a ran the half! Way to go.

    That IS an awesome photo ;)