28 October 2012

Disney Week 7: Perfection

Wowzers. I just finished my highest mileage training week ever; almost 38 miles. I'm celebrating this moment. I usually don't celebrate much. Instead I fixate on the next tough week or wotkout, worrying about my ability or the impact my chronic disease is having on me. But I'm trying to change my ways and celebrate some things:
  1. I ran my first "long" run of this training cycle today, and exceeded my goal pace. Long runs are supposed to be a bit faster than easy runs in the Hansons plan (10:15-11:00 for "easy", 9:53 for "long").
  2. I did today's run after volunteering at a local trail race, which required hiking a couple of miles, managing Maple, and screaming for 2 hours. (This kind of thing usually requires a day of rest to recover from, so the fact that I ran 10 miles afterward is quite an achievement for me.)
  3. I ran almost 38 miles this week, my highest mileage week ever. 
  4. This week's training went perfectly.
  5. I'm not injured! Nothing hurts!
  6. This week I hit 1000 running miles for 2012.
  7. I've finally landed on the Asics GT2170 as the right shoe for me, and my feet and legs are finally happy. (It took me a while to learn that this minimalist trend doesn't work for me and my corkscrew legs.) 
In other news... I got to run with my girls on Tuesday at the track, which was excellent, even though Ruth tried to kill me with a nutty sprint finish on the last interval. Maple did a track workout on Tuesday and then she joined dailymile and is now tracking her runs. And someone flipped a switch somewhere and now I am SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

Here's my training for the week:

74 easy6.4 (speed - 8x600)off7 (5@MP)4 easy6.5 easy10 long37.9

Next week will be very similar to this week, with some additional miles on Monday and Friday. Bring it!


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  2. good job! and well done on the running too.