10 July 2013

Another Boring Year

No, I'm not referring to my life in general. I'm referring to this:
Radiology Report, Excerpt

My neurologist says I still have to get an MRI every year. Yeah right. I've had like five of these boring radiology reports in a row. Three of those were after I quit my meds. As much as I enjoy the 3.2 minutes I spend with Dr. Toran every year, I may have to quit him too.

Maybe someday I'll have to think about MS again. But for now, while my brain is blissfully boring, I have better things to do. See ya.

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  1. Sean O'CallaghanJuly 10, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    "I'm out of this disease. Seriously"

  2. So happy for you. Boring is great in this case!!!
    P.S. I love the running picture.