11 November 2013

Feeling like Gold

 Yesterday's long run was amazing. Eight miles that felt like two, gold leaves and a big beautiful lake. Nothing hurt and I was full of hope. Tears of joy were shed, for no particular reason. When I listen to that album I feel like I can run forever.

Last week I finally crested the 20-mile barrier. I'm running five days each week and I've added in some speed and tempo work. I'm doing core and strength work two mornings a week. Consistency is kind.

I'm loving quiet nights with my family and roasted veggies for dinner. Last night it was delicata squash and Brussels sprouts. Work is good and I'm healthy. My diet could be better, but it isn't bad.

Sean and I had a photo shoot yesterday, subsequently I finally have a photo in my race kit on the Oiselle website. Look at me ma! I'm famous.

This weekend I have another 5k. I'm looking forward to my first pancake flat 5k, to see what I'm capable of. Despite the fact that I come from hilly western Pennsylvania, my legs and lungs have forgotten what it was like to burn and drag. But my new 'hood is giving me lots of practice.


  1. How awesome, I love when a run just feels great! Nice job on cresting 20 miles too. :)

  2. Thanks Paulette! I'm happy to be back! Here's to staying healthy. :)

  3. Congrats! You sound contented and happy :) and now I need to roast me some squash! ;)