05 January 2013

Week 17

This week has been a challenge. I've felt tired and cranky and none of my runs felt encouraging. However, I did hit my paces on my two workouts this week, which is great, and I am all done with workouts! Just six more easy runs to go until race day.

This week I've started to wonder if I'm experiencing one of those MS-fatigue periods again. Aside from being tired on my runs, I've been a bit disoriented and dizzy. There are a few other things that would explain my general sense of unwellness this week, like the fact that I'm getting over a cold, or my inability or unwillingness to eat enough calories to fuel my hobby. But today my hands were shaky, which hasn't happened for months, and this usually means I'm having some MS symptoms. I've heard that having a cold can bring on an MS relapse, so maybe I'm having my own mild version of that. And yes, I know how lucky I am to have a mild version of everything MS-related. This line of thought always trips me up though, because, isn't it unlucky to have MS to begin with?

Looking on the bright side, I completed all but one of my runs this week, and that was Monday's travel day (and my intentional 2nd off day because I was sick). I also found out (or was re-reminded by my coach/husband) that running a couple of hard runs in a row on the treadmill makes my hip hurt. And maybe that was also because I'd been slacking off on my hip exercises!

Week recap (Sunday's workout is still to come but I think I'll make it!):

17sick9.25 (6x1@8:57)off12 (10@9:13)4.5 easy6 easy8 easy39.5

Now it's time to put all the worries aside and get pumped for this race! I'm off to read the Race Tactics chapter of my Hansons book. And maybe take a nap.

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  1. Happy to hear you are bouncing back. I keep seeing the Hanson book popping up, so I've added it to my reading list!