01 January 2013

Weeks 15 and 16

I'm in my second-to-last week now and getting excited for the race! Week 15 was almost perfect, but I got sick at the end of it, which affected Week 16. I missed THREE runs total, including two key workouts (a 10-mile tempo run and a 10-mile long run). I tried to run through the cold/cough, but at a certain point I started feeling worse and worse each day I ran, so I knew it was time to back off. Even though it was pretty tough to take, I took two days off (except for a short 15-minute stint on the elliptical to assuage my tanking brain chemistry), and I'm on the mend now. Today (day two of Week 17) I completed my last "strength" run. I think the days off probably hurt my training a little bit, but it probably wasn't too detrimental.

157 easy8.5 (3x2@9:00)off12 (10@9:34)6 easy6 easy16 long55.5
165 easy8.5 (4x1.5mi@~8:50)off5 easysick8 easysick26.5

I'm so glad to put that cold behind me! Week 17 includes two key workouts: a strength workout (done) and a tempo run (in two days). After that, it's 10 days of actual taper with no key workouts.

Now that most of my training is in the bank, my perspective is good, and I'm ready to say what my goals for the race are.

A Goal: Sub-4:10. I believe I can do this, but things will have to go just right on race day. Since my longest training runs have been 16 milers, I'll have ten miles of uncharted territory in the race, and I don't know how that will impact things. A 4:10 marathon means 26.2 miles at about 9:30 pace.

B Goal: Sub-4:20. This means around 9:55 pace. I feel confident that I can do this.

C Goal: Sub-4:30. If I'm just not feeling it, or if anything goes wrong, I should be able to do 10:20-ish pace. I will still be proud of finishing my second marathon, and it will be a 21+ minute PR!

Lots of running bloggers are posting their goals for 2013, but I'm too busy focusing on Disney to consider goals for the rest of the year. I'll think about this year's goals and races after next Sunday.

Next Sunday!?!


  1. it will be a bonus to run on even flatter roads in warmer weather and not having to wait for traffic (except for all the other runners).

  2. NEXT SUNDAY!!!! SO pumped for you. I've been slacking big time this month but am back at it as of today :) Can't wait to follow you this weekend!!!!