10 February 2013

Coming Up: Week 1

I am very much looking forward to this week! After four weeks of not-training, I'm ready for higher mileage, a schedule, and serious workouts. Speedwork! I would be looking forward to a new training cycle anyway, but this time it's really exciting because I am working with my new coach, Erin. Having a coach means more to me than just having someone give me workouts and paces. It means I am taking myself seriously as a runner. I am a runner! And now I have a coach who I trust to help me improve.

You know how people go on great journeys to find themselves? I tried that. I hiked (most of) the Appalachian Trail, went on a solo road trip across the country, and lived for a year on top of a mountain with no electricity. Those were all great experiences - really sweet escapes - and I learned something about myself each time. To some extent I was saying "no" then, to an outdated version of myself, to notions of what people thought I should do or be. Saying "no" is an important part of claiming yourself. But running? That's when I started saying "yes" to myself. Running exposes me to myself, shows me what I need to improve on, and gives me a way to break through and be a better version of myself. Oh and it cures depression too.

You might think running could only help you be a better runner, but that isn't true, at least not for me. I think the same processes that make you a better runner can make you a better person. I should write about that later.

My schedule for this week isn't too scary: some 400s, a short tempo run, a not-too-long long run, and three easy runs. Because of the blizzard, I'll be doing most of my running on the treadmill at work, at least until these 25 inches of snow melt. It's tough to run outside right now. There are no sidewalks (they are covered with 4-5 feet of plowed snow), and Bostonians are entitled, shitty drivers (Massholes!) when the weather is good. I saw a woman running down the middle of the road today. Good for her, I hope she stays safe, but I don't think I could do it. I'm a mom! And a wimp.


  1. I just found your blog from MSathlete and couldn't believe when I read in your post that you hired Erin to be your coach. I love Erin's blog, she is so incredibly inspiring. I was diagnosed with MS about a year ago and love to run. It's great to find fellow MS athletes. Best of luck with your running, I'm sure you will do amazing with Erin coaching you!

  2. Hi Beth - I love meeting other runners with MS - so glad to see you here! Erin rocks. :) I'm off to check out your blog!