17 August 2013

Welcome to the West!

We arrived in Seattle on Monday, August 12th. Since then it's been a whirlwind of househunting, sightseeing, resting and stressing, and a tiny bit of running.

When we got to our temporary housing, we were shocked to find this view from our apartment on the 17th floor:

The day after we arrived, I went to Greenlake.

I did an amazing outdoor yoga class with @jasyoga (Yoga for Athletes!), along with some Oiselle peeps, including pro runner Kate Grace.

Photo credit: @oiselle
Afterwards we went back to Oiselle HQ to watch some of Kate's races and celebrate the end of her awesome season.

Photo credit: @sarachan215
Since then we have been buying a house, enjoying our view, periodically stressing, and checking out the city.

I have run a couple of times but mostly I'm resting my fragile little brain in preparation for starting my new job on Monday. Although we're in a great place and things are settling down, I'm still a bit janky from all the excitement.

I can't believe we live here now!


  1. Awesome! Glad you are getting settled in, and are enjoying yourself!
    Good luck at the new job!

  2. Hope the first week went well!

  3. Hope your first week at the new job went well! And your trip to the Oiselle HQ looked like a blast :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm very happy to be here. :)