09 November 2014

November Update

Yesterday I ran under 24:00 in a 5k! 2014 Goal = Met! Lifetime PR! Faster as a master!

The good: 
  • I've worked pretty hard for the past two months since I started working with Coach Badass.
  • Coach Badass has been truly amazing at giving me challenging workouts and listening to all my whining. This woman is just phenomenal and it would take a whole post to tell you why. 
  • I left it all out there on race day.
  • My amazing teammate Jess ran beside me the whole way! It's so much easier to run a certain pace when someone is beside you the whole time. Also it's really helpful when they tell you to run faster when you start to fall apart. I am incredibly lucky that Jess was with me yesterday.
  • I only fell apart form-wise during the last half mile but was still able to (sort of) maintain.
  • Even with the course being mis-measured, I still ran a sub-24 effort. 
  • My whole pod (husband, daughter, dog) were there to cheer me on!
  • There were Honey Buckets! My favorite of all portable sanitation ever.
The annoying:
  • The course was 0.1 short, which, for people who care about their race times, is SOMEWHAT annoying. The 23:04 I ran is an amazing time, but sadly not very accurate. Why is it so difficult to measure the course accurately? It's only 3.1 miles! There are GPS watches! We have the technology! I will never understand this.
I still need to run two more 5k races in 2014 to make my goal of 12 this year. That will give me two more chances to run another sub-24 5k, this time on a USATF certified course that's actually 3.1 miles. It also has to be pancake flat, timed by a reputable company, have Honey Buckets at the start, and ideally give out vegan pizza and kombucha at the finish. If anyone knows of a local (Seattle) race that fits this description, let me know! I'll just be here holding my breath...

How are your races going? Anyone else chasing the 5k train? 


  1. Portia, you are such a bad ass! So cool to see all of your hard work pay off. How incredibly frustrating that the course was short, but holy crap, woman, you ran fast! Isn't running sub-23 your goal for NEXT year? I suspect you may need to revise that goal... Congrats!

  2. Thanks Jennie! I have started daydreaming about sub-23 already. Dangerous! Better to just keep working hard. Now when are we going to run a 5k in Portland?