30 April 2012

Week 17: 16 miles

I was really tired this week. My vision was a little off. I kept wishing I felt better a week before the marathon. But on Saturday night, my energy picked up and I started to feel good. Sunday was great. I hope I can stop worrying about that now. Phew!

After my IT band was such a problem last week, I didn't think I'd be able to run much this week, but after two days off and cross training on Monday, I ran 4 miles without incident on Tuesday. I could hardly walk last Saturday, so that's great progress! I read that weak glutes are often the cause of IT band problems, so I started going nuts doing butt exercises. Then I realized my quads were getting destroyed, so I slowed down on that. On Wednesday I saw the chiropractor and he Grastoned the heck out of it, giving me a giant bruise where my thigh used to be.

Then I ran my long run this week, with Kat. It's great running with her; our paces are sort of close and we have a good time chatting or not chatting. We decided to start the marathon together and see what happens. I think she's faster, but we have equal uncertainty about how our bodies will hold up. Towards the end of our long run, my IT band started acting up. Afterwards I did lots of ice and foam rolling and worrying and combing the internet for things like "help IT band before race." I didn't like what I saw very much. I think I am in for a world of hurt, but I'm not going to let it stop me.

Everyone seems to have their race day outfits picked out, but I really wasn't sure what to wear. So Sunday I bought a new outfit: crops and a tank. Those crops have crazy pockets to hold all my gels. Instead of my typical pink, I'm going to be in all black. Fitting, since I may have to attend my own funeral after.

I realized on Saturday that I didn't really have a nutrition strategy. During training runs I've underfueled because my stomach hates to deal with food while I'm running. So I bought a load of gels and styngers, and I'll attempt to take something every 5 miles or so, and something caffeinated at around mile 22. I usually only drink green tea, so the caffeine works like gangbusters. I don't like to carry fluids, so I'll just use the water stops.

It's too early to say for sure, but will I run any more marathons? I think I probably will. Everyone says your second training cycle is easier than your first, and I want to see if that's true. I want the chance to run a marathon with more confidence. I want to race instead of just run. I've felt for a year or so (since I started running again) that I need more time than most people to increase my mileage, so I think my next marathon will be easier on my body.

When I started training for this thing, I wondered/doubted if I'd get through the training. I did! I'm so proud of that. Maybe it'd be smarter to sit out the actual race (as I sit here with ice on my knee), but I'm not that smart. You never know what life is going to throw at you, and I've learned to be really aware of that uncertainty since I live with MS. I've got to run this race now.

Pace range for this week: 9:12 to 9:56
Temperature range: 40 - 50 degrees

Details for Week 17 (Apr 23 - Apr 29):
Monday: 30 mins elliptical
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 30 mins elliptical
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: off
Saturday: off
Sunday: 8 miles


  1. "Fitting, since I may have to attend my own funeral after." I shouldn't laugh at that, but I did.

    And for the record, maybe I *could* be faster, but then I'd bonk hard by mile 18 and you'd sail past on the reserves you still had. 10 minutes off my 4+ hour time isn't worth the higher likelihood of failure.

    I'm not prone to rampant optimism, but I know what we've both done in these many months of training and I'm confident Sunday's our day.

    1. I almost deleted that line. My blog lately has been pretty macabre. :)

      I have been watching videos about KT taping for ITBS and I'm feeling much more confident. I can get pink tape! A little bling for the funeral.

  2. Woohoo! I totally cracked up at the funeral line too. Sunday is your day, ladies!! I'm so excited for you - and so amazed by this journey. Inspiring!!

    I never, ever thought I'd run a marathon either (and maybe I won't!) but I know that having trained to the half I can do it ... I think! I'll be sending healing vibes to your IT band all week and even if you are dying at the finish line, at least you'll be AT THE FINISH LINE.

    :) :) :) :)