12 March 2013


Last weekend, quite spontaneously, I decided to move my blog. I've used Blogger for a long time, and before that, I had my own installation of Movable Type. This was before there was easy-to-use blogging software, when people thought a blog was probably a burp and not a word. I started my first blog,, in 2002. I have fond memories of Movable Type, but I don't have time for the maintenance involved with running my own blog. Enter TypePad, which is easy to set up, and uses MT under the hood. I'm back to my glory days. Nostalgia reigns. Sort of.

When I first started Run Portia Run - it's hard to believe it was only about a year ago - I just wanted a diary of my training for my first marathon. I figured that someday, when MS had its way with me, I could look back and remember what it was like to run far and chase my dreams. But over the past year, while I was writing about every last gory detail of training for two marathons and a few other races, I also rewrote my future. I don't think anymore about a day when I won't be able to run. I just run.

Last week was my fourth week using Coach Erin's training plan, and it was a good one. On Tuesday I did speed work at the track, for the first time since November. I love speedwork, and I adore the track. My BRF (Best Running Friend) and I met up and did 10x400 repeats. I love 400s because they're so easy to get your mind around. Just one lap around the big red oval. It was a lot of fun, and we averaged about 1:51 per lap. 

On Friday, I faced the workout I'd been dreading the most since I got the training plan from Erin last month. It was a tempo run, 5 miles total, with the middle three miles at goal race pace, which is 8:24. That pace sounded ridiculous to me! It still kind of does, but I'm putting significant effort into thinking it's realistic. Since it snowed about a foot on Friday, I had to do it on the treadmill, which I disliked because I knew I'd have to run faster to compensate for the lack of incline that my wimpy ankles demand. I ended up hitting 8:24 in 0% incline equivalent pace, but my actual pace was 8:04. Sweet! I really practiced thinking positively and knowing that I could do it. The first mile felt almost effortless, the second mile was a bit of a grind, and the third mile was dig-deep hard, but I did it. This was a breakthrough workout for me. Coach E said she was sure I could do it, but I was kind of in shock afterwards. I'm getting faster! It's really happening, isn't it?

Sunday was an easy 10-miler, and I got to run that one outside. I didn't feel great, and I probably went a bit faster than I should have, but I really wanted to get it over with! It feels great to know I can get 'er done even when I'm not feeling my best.

I'm so inspired by my breakthrough tempo run, I'm healthy, and I'm excited for another week of this running stuff (and an even longer tempo run at that crazy pace!).

If you have any feedback about the new site, I'd love to hear it.


  1. Sean O'CallaghanMarch 13, 2013 at 5:39 AM

    the mind is an awful gage for what the body can do, right?
    like your new blo digs. the photo looks familiar and ghosty - like if Jandek had a girl friend who was a runner.

  2. I like that "I don't think about a day when I won't be able to run. I just run." I get that mindset and I think that is the most important concept that we runners need to embrace - "just run". Races are great now and then, but run for you and to just run. :)

  3. I don't want to be Jandek's girlfriend, sailor. Are you available? :)
    Christina - I like what you said about "just run" - I went for a run with my daughter on Saturday and it was one of those awesome runs where you speed up and slow down and walk whenever the mood strikes. Kids are great for encouraging that kind of freedom.