22 March 2013

Mental Health Day

While attempting an easy 5-mile run yesterday, I felt a familiar dull ache in my posterior tibial tendon.


This tendon is often unhappy because my right leg is so screwy. My right foot is chronically rotated to the inside, so I'm basically always stepping on the inside/arch of my foot, which I think is called eversion. I also overpronate with my right leg. My whole right side is kind of a shit show. Anyway, the posterior tibial tendon is responsible for stabilization of the foot and support of the arch, and mine gets stressed because it's trying really hard to stabilize my very unstable foot.

Even though the pain wasn't severe, it was a warning sign. I experience this once every month or two, and it's probably exacerabated by 1) not doing my ankle stabilizing exercises, and 2) trying different shoes, or maybe tying my shoes too tightly. If I ignore it, it leads to no-running, which leads to the crazies, and no one wants that. So yesterday, I stopped my run halfway through, and Erin told me to take today off since I'm racing (5k) tomorrow. I've iced and rested and it's feeling better now.

I'm really enjoying my unexpected day off! This is unusual. Typically I feel guilty and worried and grouchy when I have to take a day off, but not today. I slept in, blew off my core work, and I'm bloody loving it. Around 10am I started feeling a little wonky, which I usually blame on MS, but it's probably just endorphin withdrawal.

Do you ever take a "mental health day" off from running?


  1. Sean O'CallaghanMarch 22, 2013 at 5:24 AM

    i took xmas day off so that your mom, your aunt, and myself could all walk our dogs together. i'm really glad i did it.

  2. I'm sorry I missed out on that walk. That run turned into an unfortunate battle between me-and-my-running-and-how-it-has-basically-cured-my-MS and my dad and his whole family-is-the-most-important-thing-except-for-immediate-family-you-guys-can-go-fuck-off. It's like that thing you say about republicans.

  3. Didnt mean to give you flashbacks, dude. Just attempting to participate in the great digital circle jerk.