16 March 2013

Running with Maple

Maple and I did four easy miles this morning. We saw 69 Boston hopefuls out on the Boston Marathon course (we live a block from the 10-mile marker). She hasn't run in a couple of months but she didn't complain once.


  1. That is awesome that you run with your daughter. Way to go Maple! I can't believe you live a block from the Boston course. I wish I lived nearby to run the course a little bit before the big day. I'll be running my first Boston Marathon in just one month! Any tips about the course? Is it really as tough as I hear?

  2. The hard thing about the course (I haven't run the whole thing at once so take my advice with a handful of salt) - it's downhill at the beginning which encourages you to go out too fast, and there are a fair amount of rollers in the later miles (16-21). You can see all that from the elevation profiles online. The thing you can't see is how many spectators there are! It's a major event around here. Most people have the day off. Be prepared for serious crowds (runners and spectators). And just be ready to have fun! I recommend getting kissed by a screaming Wellesley girl around the 20k mark. I volunteered there last year (as a clock watcher) and it was a wild place to be.
    Also there are so many runners that I saw quite a few people trip over the timing mats (because you can't see them because of all the people). You probably won't make this rookie mistake, but it can't hurt to mention it. :)